KMK Optometry Coaching

One Community. One Mission. One Purpose.

The Power Of Community.

Welcome to KMK Optometry Coaching, the nation's leader in getting you past boards and on with your professional career. 

This is our community carefully designed and protected to ensure you get the most support you need to pass your next round of boards. 

A team of instructors, mentors and career professionals are behind the scenes wait to help you every step of the way. 

Simple Mission With A Powerful Focus.

KMK Optometry Coaching's mission is to provide a safe, collaborative space exclusive to Coaching Members.

The Coaching app is an innovative approach to the boards review and collaborative study. A safe space free of judgement and filled with passionate professionals all here to help you in a positive and supportive environment.

Our community team and leaders actively promote honesty, positivity, and empathy to help achieve the mission of making Optometry more open and connected.

Core Values.


We verify member’s identity to ensure this is a closed members only area.


Every user is verified during the sign-up process, through their status of membership – creating trust amongst users and context for conversations generated on the platform.


Users can discover and socialize with a network of professionally relevant individuals across different types of communities.  This establishes strong connections and meaningful collaboration.


Members can discover and socialize with a network of professionally relevant individuals and peers across different types of communities.

Academic Integrity

We take this seriously, and so does the NBEO. Being in this community means members agree to have read, understand, and will abide by the NBEO Ethics Policy as laid out on their website. What is seen on their exams must stay there. Members found to not be in compliance will be removed from the Optometry Network, banned from KMK, and we are obligated to file a report to NBEO. 

Principle Of Reciprocity.

Think about the community’s cause and interest when deciding what to post and comment. Share ideas that will resonate with other members at some higher level. If every member uses this as a guiding principle, you can rest assured there will be someone there to answer your question when it arises.

Zero-Tolerance Standards.

This space is a unique professional educational platform where you can access an open network of professionals (you cannot access elsewhere). The platform’s open network approach is critical in achieving its mission of making our community a success.

With the help of its community, KMK Optometry™ and affiliates actively moderate content and terminate members who do not respect the professional nature of the network.

Content should always aim to be professional in nature and relevant to the discussion or content.

In order to preserve the professional relevance and value of our communities, content that includes the following will be automatically removed.

1. Contextually irrelevant product recommendations, product or job referral links.

2. Information deemed to be confidential or proprietary.

3. Directly attacks someone’s reputation.

4. Trolling conversations by making deliberately provocative or abusive statements that derail discussions.

5. Repetitive content, or content that lacks context or is excessively personal (such as an issue related to your romantic life in a way that is not professionally related).

6. The content you are flagging is aggressive, offensive, or goes after someone in a way that is malicious or deliberately disrespectful.

7. Abuses or targets other users, or is deliberately disrespectful.